Why I Love My Bessy Biker Jacket?

Sunday morning. I stood staring at my reflection in the mirror. I was running late for brunch with a good friend, but the fashion-gods had glued my feet to the ground… My outfit was not finished, I knew it; and so did the universe. I wasn’t channelling edgy, it was more along the lines of cat lady.
By the way there is nothing wrong with channelling cat lady, but quite simply it just wasn’t the look I was going for.
Cue light bulb moment: Why not throw a biker jacket over the dress? Freaking genius!
I made it to brunch in a floral dress with my black Bessy biker jacket as the style clincher (I also own one in nude and khaki)… and I was so lit. It was a fashion Yin Yang win – Yin (biker jacket/shady side, well pretend) and Yang (floral dress/sunny side) – and together these pieces made my outfit reach complete wholeness.
Thank goodness the biker jacket has made a sneaky sea change to high-end fashion. In 2019 it has evolved into a fashion lust-have, tailored for a female figure with all the zips and pockets oozing strength and cool without me having to own a Harley Davidson.
So the reigning question… is a biker jacket a wardrobe essential? A biker is someone who is part of a sub-culture, identified for riding motorbikes. A biker jacket is an item they wear to protect them from the weather and riding conditions, it has a zip down the front, which in turn allows the rider to lean forward and manoeuvre the bike.
Leather jackets and biker jackets are from the same family, but it is their specific detail, which sets them apart. Same, same, but different.
Rationality, holds zero explanation for my personal attraction to the biker jacket, but regardless of how many colours I own – I just want more. Ignoring my subconscious imitating Veruka Salt (Willy Wonka Moment) mockingly, “But I want it now!”
My Bessy biker jacket hugs my silhouette and provides added edge when desired.
Timelessness is a word I reserve for fashion essentials, which hold their fashion weight and worth as statement pieces. Fashion can be a cruel industry for many styles, but the biker jacket has been made an essential (to answer the above question).
We all know famous biker jacket advocates… The cast of Sons Of Anarchy, James Dean (Rebel Without A Cause), “Fonzie” (Henry Winkler in Happy Days), “Danny” (John Travolta and his fellow T-Birds in Grease), but it was everything the moment Olivia Newton-John wore the biker jacket in one of the most famous final scenes from Grease. Slay. Red kicks also get a special mention.
She meant business, no flimsy pink lady jacket here, thank you very much – she was demanding and knew what she wanted You’re the one that I want*. This outfit was a base style of mine, for many years.
I know people who wear biker jackets, some of these folk ride motorbikes and others prefer to shop online fashion boutiques. One thing we can all agree upon, is despite our appearance and lifestyle a wardrobe is not complete without a biker jacket. 
Enjoy the mystery and illusiveness that such a crucial fashion piece brings to one’s life –  I love my Bessy Biker jackets. Just saying ;)
Team Zebra (Tammy)

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