Fashion & Food: Homemade Sausage Rolls (Ning Sura MAFS Edition)

We all marvelled at Ning Surasiang who won the hearts of TV viewers nationwide in the latest edition of ‘Married At First Sight Australia’ (Season 6).

Ning’s vibrancy had us glued to the screen, as she showed us her many talents and what it takes to get “the feels”.

Ning is fashion-savvy, a talented hairdresser and also happens to be a sensation in the kitchen!!

Ning’s culinary delights proved a success with her on-screen husband Mark Scrivens! And left viewers wanting these recipes!

Food and fashion are an intoxicating concoction and since meeting Ning, we are hooked on both her style and delicious dishes!!

Take a look at one of Ning’s many video 'HOW TO' tutorials, as she walks us through making her famous “sausage rolls”... wearing none other than our Refuge Denim Olivia Jean Jogger!

We guarantee that this recipe and Refuge Denim Jean jogger will both be must-haves in your life!






Combine the following ingredients into a glass bowl:

Beef Mince 500g
4 x Pork, Chicken or Beef Sausages (no casing)
1 x Onion
1 x Garlic Clove
Tomato Paste
BBQ Sauce
Mixed Herbs
Beef Stock Powder
Oregano Dried or Fresh
Salt and Pepper
2 x Eggs
4 x Tablespoons Flour
1 x Tablespoon of Sugar
1 x Tablespoon of Oil

Once all ingredients are combined, wrap in puff pastry.

Place straight into the oven! 

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Homemade Sausage Rolls

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