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Welcome, to the home of blackwhite and neutral clothing.

THE ZEBRA EFFECT is Australia’s cutting-edge online store for quality women’s fashion and accessories specifically in black, white and neutral.

Within our inspiring monochrome collection you’ll find gorgeous women’s dresses and jackets, dressy jeans and shorts, jumpsuits, ravishing evening wear, knitwear, cardigans, tops and more.

The Zebra Effect’s edit has something for every fashionista who knows how easy it is to work mono’s timeless class.

It’s a jungle out there! But The Zebra Effect has already done all the hunting and gathering, just for you. Our complete collection of neutral colour pieces (plus the occasional pop of colour) has been carefully curated by our passionate ZE team ready for real Australian women to love.

New lines are added weekly from some of Australia’s most sought-after labels (Madison Square Clothing, Refuge Denim, Lost in LunarLuvalot, Harvey The Label, Ivory & ChainElly M, Maxim Maxim, Rosebullet Clothing & more), so keep those Zebra-eyes on the prize and get into all our new pieces as soon as they arrive.

Our home village is Melbourne; but all our shipping is free in Australia when you buy clothing online – so wherever you are, we have your black, white, neutral and mono gear covered.

Here’s to looking fabulous,

Sincerely, Team Zebra

*Shipping charges apply in New Zealand.




"Radiant Black Wash has been specifically developed to protect black and dark coloured clothes while lifting dirt and tough stains. How it works is the unique Colour Guard technology in Radiant protects your clothes against colour fade, and revitalises colours which have faded from frequent washing. It also includes anti-greying technology to help prevent stains from re-depositing onto your clean clothes that can leave them looking dull and grey. The end result is your black and dark clothes looking newer for longer" - Radiant Brand Manager, Australia.




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