Ladies Knitwear

‘These beautiful keep-forever knitwear masterpieces available at the Zebra Effect have irresistible knit-appeal.’

Delightful to wear all through the seasons – enjoy everything there is to love about knitwear, at the Zebra Effect’s affordable prices.

From comfy oversized jumpers to delicate weave knitted dresses and everything in between, our quality knits will look and feel so great, they’ll spend more time on you than tucked away in your wardrobe.

Quality weaves feel great against your skin and look fantastic thrown over (or worn under) almost anything for home, going out or heading to the office. You’ll find rich fabrics, luxurious textures, stylish patterns and comfortable designs all through our first-class knit collection, so add them all to your cart and love them for years.

Whether you prefer chunky, classic, vintage or oversized, your picture perfect piece is waiting for you here amongst our knitwear gems.

BELA Black Long Sleeve Knit Midi Dress
$112.00 $85.00
FAITH Ivory & Camel Long Sleeve Knit Maxi Dress
LYRA Ivory Long Sleeve Flowy Fitted Midi Knit Dress
FILA White Long Sleeve Triangle Front Cut Knit Crop Top
MIETA Camel Long Sleeve Knit Midi Cardigan
ISABELLA Cream Knit Strappy Crop Top
HAZEL Light Terracotta Bodycon Sleeveless Knit Maxi Dress
ANIA White Sleeveless Knit Crop Top
$47.00 $34.00
HERA Black High Waist Side Split Bodycon Knit Midi Skirt
BRIELLE Black High Waist Bodycon Knit Midi Skirt
BRIELLE Black Tube Knit Crop Top
$44.00 $27.00
BRENA Black Long Sleeve Bodycon Knit Midi Dress
SOFIA White High Waist Bodycon Knit Midi Skirt
Spicy Sugar Teaberry Ladies Longline Knit Cardigan - Black
Spicy Sugar Triana Zebra Sweater Knit - Beige
$48.00 $34.00
Spicy Sugar Teaberry Knit Crop Cardigan - Grey
Spicy Sugar Teaberry Ladies Knit Cardigan - Cream
Spicy Sugar Teaberry Ladies Knit Cardigan - Grey
BASTET White High Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Knit Mini Dress
KARLIE Camel High Waist Wide Leg Knit Pants
Madison The Label Hana Overlay Knit Top - PINK
$51.00 $47.00
White Sandstorm (Refuge) Ruched Rib Knit Bodysuit - Violet
GALINA Ivory Knit Bodycon Backless Maxi Dress