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About Us



To sell beautiful women’s fashion online for all occasions and seasons.

By specialising in black and white ladies apparel, we aim for our garment selection to see our customers through the years with its timeless and classic appeal. With designer and budget friendly clothing on range; we have something for every woman who wants to feel and look the part.

Our Story

  1. Justin – Founder, Marketing, Head Merchandiser.
  2. Rachel – Online Specialist, Order Fulfillment.

Before the thought of The Zebra Effect came into play, the owners first met online via a business platform (LinkedIn), back in April 2014. They created a friendship that soon led to a relationship, where they both had a deep knowing that one another were meant for each other. 

What really connected them together, was that they were previously in the same industry (stone masonry) and both loved the beauty of working with natural stone. They realised that by helping their customers with choosing stone for their home, it played an important role in their happiness. Having an ingrained love for clothing and fashion, they combined their efforts and set out to please a larger amount of people through purchasing and selling beautiful fashion online.

Shortly after The Zebra Effect was launched, Justin proposed to Rachel.


Vision - Why The Zebra Effect?

It became apparent, there was black and white clothing worn by the majority of women against the colourful backdrop of our world. When asking friends what they loved to wear in terms of their clothing, it was inevitably black and white; which validated what we were witnessing around us. From accessories, to make-up cases, to clothing outfits; you name it, it was The Zebra Effect - black and white everywhere.

We then set-out to hand-pick gorgeous black and white fashion for our online store - www.thezebraeffect.com.au.




Black -

• Powerful, strong, bold, chic, elegant, seductive, classic, sophisticated, formal, intriguing and mysterious.
• Black clothing is timeless and provides great value for money, striving to retain its worth throughout the years. It is less likely to hang all year round in your wardrobe with its sale tag pinned on!
• Black clothing creates a slimming effect.
• Black is an easy option to choose when dressing for the day. A staple clothing in the wardrobe suitable for mix and matching - accessorising with jewellery and scarves to create a new look and avoid repeat outfit offences.
• Black comes in the form of a trusty LBD - 'Little Black Dress'.



White -

• Represents perfection, goodness, vibrancy, light, purity, cleanliness and positiveness.
• White is classic and can be worn through the years by 'mix and matching' colours and layers of clothing - it is functional and stylish.