Wardrobe Malfunctions: Peek-A-Boo(b)

I believe that wardrobe malfunctions are if not equally, more remembered, as the fashion delights of the past. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and narrow it down to some of the top fails:

143.6 million viewers witnessed Nipplegate, when Justin Timberlake revealed Janet Jackson’s breast, nipple and ugh, nipple accessory at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show performance. Nicole Kidman’s nip slip didn’t even compare!

Speaking of Justin, his former childhood sweetheart Britney Spears, stepped out of a vehicle in 2017 unfortunately allowing the paparazzi to photograph her choice of no panties or skin coloured panties, still debatable. 

Then there are the panty flashes from Emily Ratajkowski as she was swinging her dress split at the Golden Globes or Hollywood heavyweight, Anne Hathaway as she hopped out of the car at Les Misérables premiere in NYC.

American Pie and Sharknado star, Tara Reid has given paparazzi more than just a nip slip, the devastated actress gave them more a loose boob.

Breasts slipping out of a corset or top, doesn’t seem to be as uncommon as one would think, with repeat victims of fashion malfunctions, such as Ri Ri, Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid (occurring during the Cannes Film Festival in different years) and Pamela Anderson.

Singing sensation, Toni Branxton and gorgeous Australian Myer Ambassador Jennifer Hawkins both have something in common and that is bearing too much butt! Big Brother UK contestant Lateysha Grace suffered a zip split when twerking on television to the delight of the host (as he knew it would go down in TV’s historic fails).

This list truly goes on with anybody and everybody falling victim to an outfit malfunction from the likes of Sophie Marceau (an underwear flash) and Margot Robbie (an unzipped dress on a red carpet).

There are many factors as to why fashion fails occur, and it comes down to the brutal battle of science (gravity and engineering) versus art (design and architecture). The imagination is limitless…. but the human body has curves, bumps and humps…  and carelessness or alcohol related behaviour, which science cannot prepare for.

“Turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities.” – Roy Bennett once said. Ok, so here goes:


  1. Zipper Ade:

With a quick clip avoid the zip slip, and the feeling that your lady parts are on show or a weak dress zip falling down your back.

  1. Button Extenders:

Surprisingly useful, if you struggle with weight gain and loss. This is also a winner during pregnancy when trying to get more wear out of your garments.

  1. Double Sided Tape:

This little beauty has saved the best of us from exposing too much breast (whether you are big busted or not) – or too much of your lady behind. Ensure low-cut tops/dresses and backless outfits are your friends, not your foes.

  1. Patches (Cover Up Holes):

Belly button rings/jewellery, nipple rings and studs and jean buttons – are those rotten, dirty scoundrels causing holes in your garments. Or moths. Moths will definitely do it too. They like to eat clothes. So do goats, but that is less likely.

  1. Sweater Stone (Lint Roller):

Cat or dog hair can be a real problem if you are an animal lover who loves to dress in black. There is also the case of a random tissue rampaging in your wash. And then there is the simple inevitable pilling of aged garments… all are easily fixed with a lint roller.

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