Tis the Season to Get Fancy…

I feel like my spirit embodies mostly everything that Christmas represents, like a damn fancy Bon Bon. And we all know, the fancier the Bon Bon– the better!Everyone wants to hear the joke, see the surprise inside and it may not be exactly what they wanted, but the element of excitement is always there!

The outfit you choose to wear will be a topic of importance around this time. It really is the season for dressing up fancy ‘n’ all, but in the RIGHT kind of way.


Elf shoes, Santa hats, festive slogan tees and reindeer antlers are generally not my style. In saying that, I do love the warmth of the festive season and I take the opportunity each year to dress my part. So, let’s dig deep now, what are the real underlying struggles for an outfit choice during the festive season?

The outfit…

Around Christmas and New Year my biggest issue is “What do I wear?”. Nothing fits, because I have been hitting the eggnog a little too hard throughout December – and, as if answering questions about where my life is headed; and what my new year’s resolution will be isn’t pressing enough.

Not to forget that Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat have exposed 90% of my wardrobe! Who wants to do a repeat-outfit in front of the FB list (in real life)? So, it leaves me searching for the most fitting and appropriate outfit ensemble.

Festive feels…

Another unfixed variable, which seems to rear its head at almost any time it wants – are my hormones. Planning outfits to suit my body at different ‘times of the month’ is bringing the cray cray on a new level with bloating – there is no joy in looking like the pudding being served. So, wearing something that’s stylish and comfortable is my recommendation and the best bet yet.

The relos…

Unless you have a close family (extended included) or a group of friends, for which you consider your family, it can often feel like judgement day. This is, judgement day on annual repeat with a bunch of eclectic relatives that one should feel excited about seeing. Your outfit needs to match who you are representing on the day.

So, these are my timeless tips to dominating any festive gathering with style:

  • Stay away from offensive & or political slogans on your t-shirts.
  • Weigh up whether Christmas knitted winter sweaters are a good look for you. Perhaps good for a laugh (or being laughed at), depending on what tickles your fancy, but in general Christmas winter jumpers/sweaters are not always flattering. Period. Also, the weather here in Australia is warmer during the Christmas period, so wearing a jumper is not always the best option.
  • Dress appropriately to match the way you are going to consume;
    • Food (loose clothing); or
    • Alcohol (non-revealing)
  • Mood swings are never a good accessory. Work out your body clock for this time of the year prior to picking your outfit, for example if you are pre-menstrual/pregnant/hormonal… move towards loose fitting attire and subtle colours.
  • Wear comfortable footwear in the land down under, as Christmas falls in summer. You are in Australia, the land of thongs is a normal go-to footwear, so utilise if you can!
  • Wear natural make-up, as we don’t want you competing with the Christmas tree.
  • We all love a good hair piece, but tinsel weaved through your hair can sometimes scream ‘attention’ to fellow attendees and may seem like you’re trying too hard to bring the “merry” to the party. Yikes!

    Lastly, smile… even if it is the last thing you want to do, just smile. It will make your outfit complete as ‘you’re never fully dressed without a smile’.

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