Enjoy the Beauty of Shopping with Zippay

Shopping for us ladies has an intoxicating promise of looking beautiful all the time, of controlling what's about to come in the future. Women regardless of the time of the year or the condition of the economy are drawn towards shopping. We are always wondering how to fight the desire to own those amazing pair of boots or that new dress with a stunning neckline or those in trend wide leg flowy pants, etc. The choices seem to be endless, and we want them all, don't we?

The second we open our wardrobe we hear whispers coaxing us to get something that we don't have. But what is the solution? How do we end up buying everything that you fancy without burning a hole in the bank account? Can't think about a way out? Well, we have one. It is called the incredible benefits of Zippay.

Zippay offers an extraordinary shopping experience for every shopper. 

Now, every shopper has the power to transform their desire for their favourite fashionable item into a purchase without the slightest strain on their pockets. All thanks to Zippay.

You don't understand what we are talking about? Well, allow us to clarify. Zippay is a mode of payment that allows you to shop anything you want right away. So, what about the money, right? You pay the price of the item you want over time, all at your convenience. The best part is there is no interest involved, none. Wow, right?

Modernisation has made the entire process of shopping into an easy, hassle-free, and one of a kind happening. You can shop the latest trends from wherever you are without worrying about money (or the hubby). Then, comes the best part, it will be delivered at your doorstep with no effort from you. It can’t get any better than that, right?

How does the whole process of Zippay work? 

If you think that you have to be tech savvy to understand the steps involved in using a no interest, pay later option at www.thezebraeffect.com.au then you are wrong. It will take few seconds only to finalise your purchases and get them delivered to you. Zippay is only a small part of the whole process.

The steps involved in making a purchase using Zippay -

Zippay is a service that will enable you to receive all your purchases right away and spread the cost of the purchases over the course of time with no interest solutions. To make a purchase -

  • After you are done with your shopping select the Zippay later option at the time of checkout.
  • Confirm your purchase in order to complete the process.
  • If you are using Zippay for the first time you have to sign up at the time of checkout. This will enable you to use Zippay for your later purchases from any participating retailer.
  • Your order will be immediately processed. To establish the no interest payment schedule, you have to select the time you want to pay back the amount. This can be within a week, fortnight, or months. It depends on your choice and convenience.

What is the limit of your purchases using Zippay?

If a shopper has an adequate amount of money on their credit or debit card, then they can easily spend more money on their purchases using the Zippay option. We are often asked what happens if someone fails to pay their monthly instalment. Well, nothing much. When you end up missing your instalment on Zippay, you will be charged a small fee of only six dollars on a monthly basis. Once you pay your due within the mentioned time, then that late fee won't be charged any longer.

Is Zippay for one and all?

Zippay is an interest-free way of enhancing the shopping experience. But, can everyone enjoy it?

Take a look at who can -

  • You should be a permanent resident or an Australian citizen.
  • You must be an adult.
  • Zippay can be enjoyed by those who have a valid debit card account.
  • You can't be bankrupt.
  • To shop interest-free, you will need a PayPal account.

Why should you miss out on the beauty and extravaganza of shopping when www.thezebraeffect.com.au brings you an amazing convenient pay later, no interest option? Zippay encourages shoppers to fulfil all their desires without the slightest worry about the price tag. It makes the entire process of shopping a truly incredible experience. Set your shopaholic soul free with Zippay's several features!

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