A BLESSED GIFT, For Her: The Evil Eye

The power of a gift is the intent. Gift giving is a reminder that you are thinking of someone, that you are grateful for them. That you ultimately care. If you are looking for the perfect gift to satisfy this sentiment, whilst being fashion conscious, I believe YOU were meant to read this!

Getting gift ready.

The pending end of 2021 (and possibly the world *jokingly shrugs*) has personally put me straight into gift mode. There are teachers and coaches who need to be thanked, the birthdays, Chanukah, Christmas, and the New Year. All a hop, skip and jump away.

We have witnessed a dual surge in both ‘snap lockdowns’ and ‘care-packages’. Gifts are being sent to employees, friends, and families as a reminder that they are important. I started to think, what is the perfect gift in this upside-down world?

Light bulb queue, the modern evil eye jewellery is trending and a thoughtful gift ‘for her’. Read on and find out what this exactly is!

“Ptui… ptui… ptui…”

This is me protecting you from the evil eye.


I am not sure about you, but 2020 & 2021 has me shook. It feels like the world is experiencing a transition like no other, all thanks to COVID19. When the world is throwing negativity at you, how should you respond? Deflect the noise with positivity.

To combat pandemic lockdown fatigue and feelings of uncertainty, I began praying for a fresh outlook. I started wearing meaningful jewellery which made me feel empowered and safe. This had been what we wore as children and ingrained subconsciously from family traditions at a young age, so it brought back a sense of comfort and control. 

For over 3,000 years people have protected themselves, their homes, loved ones and anything of value from the evil eye. A superstition that someone who is jealous or wishes you misfortune; can voluntarily OR involuntarily give you the evil eye to cause you pain and misery.

Its origin can be traced back to Ancient Greece with the ‘apotropaic’ amulet, symbolising the reflection of damage. The most basic design stems from the Middle East and is the blue/green and white circular Nazar/Nazr, symbolising evil eyes.

Fast-forward to 2021 and the shift of the gargoyle-style approach warding off evil is now translated in delicate crystal amulets, natural stone quartz OR talisman as examples. The modern spin of 'protection' is far less creepy than the historic statues, pendants, and images, which were made to scare off evil intentions.

There is no denying that the evil eye is a thought process and belief system. It has become a normalised superstition based on energy. Not actual science. However, the mind is a powerful weapon, and the law of attraction suggests that what you manifest is what you attract. So, why not style yourself in this beautiful delicate armour and protect your choices and lifestyle?

Izoa Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Seen on the arms of celebs such as Kim Kardashian or décolletage of Rihanna (Ri Ri). Gigi Hadid and her baby daddy, Zayn Malik are the benchmark in the fashion stakes, so it is no surprise that culturally and fashionably they share in this trend.

There are many celebs who pair holy or sacred symbols as part of their fashion ensembles. Such as, Madonna and Cher making a crucifix as part of their fashion statements. Then Madonna and Britney also popularised the Kabbalah bracelet. There are celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez who proudly wear their religious views too.

Cultural perspective

It is true that the concept of an eye, an evil eye, is not universal, it is however cross-cultural. Meaning it has “moved” across many cultures but not across the entire world. 36% of the 186 cultures among the entire world believe in the powers of an evil eye.

From South India, “Eat not the bread of him, that hath the evil eye” as says the Hindu faithful, to the Italians and Maltese who wear a bull horn charm to ward off ‘Il Malocchio”, if you travel to Turkey the Nazar Boncuk pendants hang in their famous market places (bazars) bringing colourful mystique, explore the the Middle East and you will find the fear associated to ward of the al-'ayn العين‎ captured in gold and silver jewellery pieces crafted with cubic zirconia stones, into prayer beads, or jewellery pins on babies and small children. The Hamsa hand is worn by Jewish and Middle Eastern women; and hung in Judaica stores as it eases fears of those who cast ayin ha’ra. Different methods, same ideology of keeping bad vibes at bay.

This deeply seeded belief is entangled in the love of tradition, folklore and the genuine regard for our wellbeing also known as fear from evil spirits, toxic people, or a difficult mother-in-law - just kidding!

Equip yourself

Let’s recap. The evil eye is a glare that is believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed. It is understood that if you wear the evil eye it brings you a sense of spiritual protection.

Wearing or hanging an evil eye symbol/piece on your body, in your home, car or place of business; is to ultimately guard your safety and wellbeing against misfortune, bad spirits, unluckiness or ill wishes from those who cast or glare at you.

Now more than ever, it has been more relevant to pair a power piece of chic jewellery with other accessories. Beauty and protection are trending for 2021 in the fashion stakes.

Just remember, superstition is a belief; however, it only has power if you feed the energy behind the source. The enigma of the perfect gift has stumped humans for centuries so we love the idea of fashion pieces complementing an outfit while adding the blessing of protection.

The team behind IZOA jewellery has worked to bring us a large range of modern evil eye jewellery. IZOA accessories are sold by us (aka www.thezebraeffect.com.au) and can be shopped from the comfort of your own home worldwide; to be gifted anywhere to anyone. 

Izoa Evil Eye Huggie Earrings Gold

Might I mention, you do not HAVE to receive this item as a gift for it to hold meaning. You can also gift it to yourself as well! Regardless of the reason you purchase this special piece, it has meaning beyond its physical façade.

Fashion is fun, so allow accessories to empower you, complement your style and to complete your outfit whilst holding meaning to your everyday. 

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