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– An unfashionable moment at the Oscars.

It is known as the night of nights for the coveted Oscars. Where the red-carpet sets trends and the infamous Vanity Fair after-party sets tongues wagging. However, the contentious moment of the night shone light on women and hair loss.

Alopecia was the talk of the 94th Academy Awards this year, prior to Will Smith taking out the Oscar for Best Actor; he took public offence to a GI Jane joke made by Chris Rock at the expense of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith…

“Can’t wait for GI Jane 2” Rock joked only to be met on stage by a seething Will Smith moments later.

*For those who don’t understand the reference, Demi Moore famously shaved her head in GI Jane to get into the character’s mindset of undergoing gruelling military training in a male dominated group.

Hair loss is not easy. Hollywood’s focus on beauty involves a fierce combination of society's ideology of the 'most perfect' makeup, hair, fashion and talent. Weighted on women specifically.

Jada Pinkett Smith has been openly struggling with alopecia, leading her to shave her head. 

Controversy, healing and mixed feelings on violence and protecting women were being discussed around the globe due to this incident.

“Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!” Will yelled twice when returning to his seat, after delivering the humiliating slap to Chris Rock, after storming the stage during the celebrity roast (accustomed to award shows); and was visibly shaken. 

It wasn’t the punchline Rock had anticipated.

It also raised much needed awareness for the types of alopecia which exist; and hair loss in women. An often-masked subject – balding in females. 

Alopecia comes in varied forms and is not a laughing matter for anyone who is suffering through this disease.

There are so many reasons for hair loss:

  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medication
  • Viruses and illness
  • Chemotherapy
  • Alopecia areata
  • Extreme stress
  • Male and female pattern hair loss
  • Inherent

Words such as volume and thickness appear to be the gentler way for marketeers selling ‘balding’ products to the masses.

As I sat in my daughter’s swimming class a fellow mother started chatting to me about the ongoing impacts of surviving COVID-19. This included hair loss. 

Backtrack to three weeks ago, when I found clumps of hair in the shower. Mortified, I tried to work out what in the holy mother of hair loss was going on. I had contracted COVID-19 in November 2021. Fast forward to April 2022 and I am still losing hair in chunks at the age of 39. I have been under stress at work, but this was intense and I definitely felt the loss.

Based on my fellow swimming parent, who also teaches at a local girls’ college, she explained that her students who had also experienced hair loss after COVID-19 are devastated. She said that this is only until the virus completely leaves your system, so approximately 3-4 months. So that is the silver-lining, not my grey hair!

The investigative journalist in me went to work, sourcing an article cited below:

“What causes hair loss?

Patients who experience hair loss from SARS-CoV-2 infection may notice clumps of hair falling out during their daily combings or while washing their hair in the shower. The phenomenon is known as telogen effluvium.

So, after conducting my research these are my top ideas to assist anyone experiencing hair loss:

  • Bondi Boost’s Thickening Duo, Anti-hair loss + Hair Growth (extensive range with great reviews).
  • Bondi Boost – Scalp Therapy Brush
  • Kerastase – Kerastase 123 Bundle Genesis
  • Hair and Energy Vitamins produced by JS Health.
  • Georgiemane – Hair Mask and range of hair care.
  • Regaine Women’s Regular Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Natural: Coconut oil, lather on hair roots and use as a mask.
  • Natural: Boil Flaxseed oil until it becomes a thick gel, then use as a mask on your hair.


For males and females seeking medical advice, please visit; or; or for more guidance. 

If your hair loss is impacting your mental wellbeing and health, there is support available. Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 and Alopecia support group via

Too much hair?
If you are genetically blessed and don’t suffer with hair loss and want to donate to a charity, please go to Hair With Heart and change someone’s life by assisting them obtaining a medicinal wig.

After speaking with Wig maker Gary from Freedom Wigs in New Zealand explained that “it takes 250 ponytails to make one wig!” So if you can, donate today. or purchase a freedom wig from a Freedom Wig Independent Agent.

Let’s use this negative moment in television history to help those in our community who are suffering with hair loss. Sending love to all who need it during these trying times.

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