Afterpay, the New Fashionista Way….

In life we all experience the feelings of desire… the other night, I really desired what my husband had ordered when we went out for dinner… Haha. No, seriously… as a fashion lover there is a constant feeling of desire. Fashion is an expensive love. It involves maintenance and constant attention; however, so is the pressure of paying for… um, I don’t know… your electricity bills.

So how does one’s survival interfere with one’s passion for fashion and the FESTIVE SEASON? The. Struggle. Is. Real… and sometimes using a credit card can feel like you are paying for items with Monopoly money (until repayments rear their ugly head and overwhelm your life). It is an intangible way to lose control of your spending.

Afterpay is the method of ‘buy now’ and ‘pay later’… in instalments of course.

There are no hidden fees or interest. However, there is a requirement of commitment and planning, hence not falling into the trap of debt, decline and denial. The latter (denial) is normally not understood by your financial institution when trying to explain your situation.

Here are some TOP tips of creating a healthy relationship with the Afterpay process:

  • Limit the amount of items you choose to purchase in a month (or over several months), so that you also can buy food.
  • Ensure that you know what you are earning (whether you are on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly wage) – and work out four equal payments that are going to be deducted, as you would with any bill.
Pay Day
  • Plan ahead for bills and create a budget for spending on lust-haves.
  • Treat Afterpay wisely, don’t spend what you don’t have. It works similarly to that of a credit card (without interest) – so don’t overspend!
  • It is a great option and in many ways a “new” lay-by system, but even better as you get the item before its paid off!! Stay ahead of yourself with payments – don’t try to break-even, instead; try to be wise and purchase items which won’t leave your account balance a distant memory.
  • If you are a serial spender then open up a separate account for “luxury spending” and monitor your online spending. That way you can deposit your ‘disposable income’ accordingly and take advantage of the Afterpay method.
  • Set-up reminders and don’t ignore these payment reminders (emails & texts).

For all first time users of Afterpay, enjoy the flirtation – and may your experience blossom into a strong, healthy relationship.

Leonardo Dicaprio - Best Decision Purchase

Enjoy the festive season, spend wisely and remember ALWAYS make fashion choices that illuminate your inner shine. 



Payment Options

The Zebra Effect provides customers with the following payment options:

- Credit Card
- Paypal & Paypal Express
- Bank Wire Transfer
AND now,
- Afterpay.
This payment method allows TZE customers when at checkout to 'Buy Now and Pay Later' in 4 simple (and equal) instalments. Each fortnight an instalment is due.
If you're over 18 and new to Afterpay, then firstly you must sign up and register your details.
To qualify as a member, you must agree to the Afterpay terms:
  • Must be of legal age - 18 years old
  • Own a credit or debit card
  • Reside in Australia (live in the great down under)
  • Provide valid contact details, such as your mobile and email address.
Once a member, you are free to shop and spend using this amazing method by selecting the Afterpay option at checkout and then, by logging on with your existing Afterpay credentials each time you wish to make a purchase. It is that easy.
Rest assure, you can log on to your Afterpay account online at any stage to check the balance of your account.
Need assistance with Afterpay? Check out the following link to get you started:

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