Selfie Exposed

Selfie Exposed
Anna Wintour stated, “I have never taken a selfie” in a recent Vogue interview. And if you listen closely…there it is, the sound of collective gasps worldwide.
Since 1988, Editor-in-chief, Dame Anna Wintour has set many trends. However, the ruler of the fashion world has claimed to have never indulged in a selfie. If you don’t know whom I am referring to, think the Devil Wears Prada and solid Chanel framed sunglasses on a face framed with the strongest bangs ever witnessed.

Selfie benchmarks…
There are many selfie fails, which include people taking selfies in awkward situations (toilets or at funerals), or even at the cost of other peoples’ misfortunes (accidents and disasters). However, let’s focus on the selfies that promote love and goodness.
Celebrities and their selfies have been battling for many years on social media to earn the most likes and ‘break the Internet’, especially on Instagram (app). Selfie royalty includes the likes of Selena Gomez, all the Kardashian/Jenner crew and Justin Bieber who makes selfie-clips too!
Selfie benchmark #1 – dubbed the “Oscar Selfie” is where the hashtag term #SquadGoals had true meaning.
Oscar Selfie
Selfie benchmark #2
The styled selfie. A coveted image of a person taking a selfie, whilst being captured. Subject being the Kardashian-West clan. This is next level.
Kim Kardashian Selfie
Selfie benchmark #3
The ultimate (if not impossible) selfie... This is just incredible and unique.
Space Selfie
Selfie benchmark #4
The desired action shot, which almost didn’t happen… but did.
Possibly captured with a GoPro or Yi.
Go Pro Selfie
Selfie benchmark #5
The infamous duck lips/pout… Does it actually make a person look more appealing to viewers? It has been emulated by so many people, that I am genuinely confused by this benchmark.
Mona Lisa Duck Pout Selfie
Ever wondered… who did it first?

Based on popular opinion, it is believed that amateur chemist and photography enthusiast from Philadelphia, Robert Cornelius, set up his camera to capture the first selfie in 1839.
Robert Cornelius Selfie
Selfie Psychology – Best Self Forward
The 21st of June is National Selfie Day. Yes, this phenomenon has been etched into the fabric of our society and has its own official day. The act of the selfie has made people famous, well for simply being themselves.
We all preach the power of loving ourselves… to our friends, family, community and honestly anyone who will listen. However, the minute someone chooses to share their love for themselves in selfie-form, whether it captures their gym-body, new shoes, park visit, etc., the audience, which once supported the ‘self-love notion’ becomes instantly conflicted.
There is another theorem the ‘selfie-paradox’, based on the selfie-perception. An individual takes a selfie and deems it self-ironic or unique. Yet, when viewing other selfies, finds them superficial and self-presentational.
Introducing the third-party critic; whom, views the selfie as an indulgent act, which should be cringed upon. German researchers in Frontiers in Psychology, claim that most people would prefer to never see another selfie again.
There are many brutal responses, which fill our comment feeds when a selfie is deemed ‘unworthy’ for public viewing. However as many psychologists have determined it could actually be improving personal development and be a positive area of self-growth, love and awareness. Unless the selfie is of your private parts or if grotesque acts; then, that is one for your therapist to discuss.
Pamela Rutledge, Director of the non-profit Media Psychology Research Center, “…argues that ‘aspirational’ selfies, or those intended to present one’s ‘best self’ aren’t just about gathering ‘likes’ – they’re also actually an effective way for people to see a path toward behaviors and attributes they desire for themselves. ‘Posting high points in life increases confidence, empowerment, gratitude, and appreciation through mindfulness, and the ability to visualize desired outcomes’…”
Times Have Changed…
Mobile phones provide the perfect selfie platform. Reverse camera is magic! You are able to see yourself in what is a mirrored effect, allowing people to capture a well-posed and styled image, alone or with friends.
Rewind to a time when phones did not have imbedded cameras. Phones were purely talking devices. A time when people would carry a camera (actual camera) in their bag to capture ‘that moment’ also dubbed a ‘Kodak moment.’
I raise my hand. Yes, I too carried a bulky camera everywhere to capture my adventures – and then when the film was finished, I would anxiously wait for the film to be processed and developed. Why? To see how many photos out of 30-something, which were not blurred! Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t digital with a preview option.
I was born in a period where mobile phones didn’t have cameras; and most people didn’t have mobile phones. A selfie was a normal shot of pure #guesstemation.
Mr Bean Selfie
When you wanted a group photo and there was no one to take it, you would strategically hold an actual camera at arms length, to the perfect position to capture yourself and friends. Half a head and half a smile later….
Alternatively, you would try and set up a timer to capture the group image… which often captured the group, and the half of the person who was running back to join the photo after setting up the timer.
Another favourite was the passport photo booth. Did anyone ever use it for passport photos? I remember it being a way to document a first date?
Fast-forward to 2017 and you will more than likely find yourself in a Selfie booth, especially if you attend any type of event! And this raises the likeliness of you using selfie props.
Have you taken a selfie lately?
Selfie Meme
The art of taking the perfect selfie is so advanced – there are now equipment options to help an individual reach the optimised result.
Last week, I sat in my car, waiting for my take-away pizza order. Bored. So I began snapping numerous selfies, as you do. I genuinely had no purpose either, I just felt the light was right and my skin was glowing (I owned this moment). One photo made the final cut, whilst the remaining hundred are deemed non-useable selfies are manifesting on my camera roll.
Selfie Trial
Change The Way You Selfie With These Few Tips:
1. Tilt your head to an angle or aim the camera angle up. Sharpening your features.

2. Style the selfie; make sure there are no mirrors or distractions in the background. Use props where necessary and know the theme you are attempting to generate.

3. Turn off the flash (especially if you are taking a mirror-selfie). The flash can’t only highlight any makeup errors… it can also show what is on your mirror (streaks, dirt) etc.

4. Find the perfect natural lighting. This provides an authentic feel to the image and has proven to be more appealing.

5. Use filters, toning, shading etc. that is if you aren’t a Photoshop genius!
Here are my two favourite ‘selfie’ support tools…
The Selfie Stick.
Selfie Stick
In a world of doubt, the selfie stick is the answer! It is photo validity, that proves a subject to really be in the experience, as the selfie stick allows them to feature in the photo.
I have been able to capture photos with my children and fur children, due to the reach on this prop… it is vital and worth its weight in gold if used correctly. In public it may scream ‘extreme tourist’ or ‘narcissist’ (shaming the user), as it doesn’t have the subtle presence of most digitally designed tools, however it is a game changer in the world of selfies.
The Pop Socket.
Selfie Pop Socket Gadget eBay
This essential phone gadget makes it a breeze to get the perfect selfie, or prop your phone at an angle for some tiny screen video viewing.
Self(ie) Empowerment
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