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Name an irresistible frozen dessert… Gelato?

Name an irresistible fashion item… Gelato!

Gelato is NOT normally associated with Italian fashion.

Uttering “Gelato” in Italian, will most likely get you a much-loved dessert. Still winning! However, the word Gelato brings all kinds of goodness; and I am going to give you another reason to lust over this fabulous word.

Winter is almost here! Are you looking for a new pair of jeans to match your current wardrobe? Look no further! If this is the first time you have heard of Refuge’s range of ‘Gelato’ jeans, allow me to walk you through your shopping experience.

When buying jeans, this is the mental checklist we should check off in our minds:

  • Colour.
  • Fresh, yet stylish.
  • Trendy.
  • Affordable.
  • Flattering.
  • Quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Available online.

Refuge Clothing Gelato Legs

 The Zebra Effect knows fashion.

Refuge Denim is an established Sydney boutique denim label hosting stylish affordable pieces for women with soul and attitude, that want to stay-on-trend!

And these gems are one of our best sellers! Zebra women are rocking these bad-boys all round Australia!

Must-have colours are Black (Onyx) and Sapphire

However, if you want some colour to make your style pop there is also Rust (Mocha), Sand, Light Blue, Khaki, Charcoal (sold-out) and White.  Oh, and if you were one of the 24.5 million people worldwide who watched the Royal Wedding you may have noticed that both Oprah and Serena Williams were glowing in shades of pink. If this is a hint of the fashion to come then, I would also get your hands on Blush - which could be yours with just one-click

Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry) 

Not sure if you have a theme song when you walk into a room… or make an entrance. 

I like my clothes to empower me and I always want to be on my A-game.

These jeans are unapologetically ah-mazing mood-lifters and why?

Refuge has done their homework on what women want and how they want to feel in jeans. They have focused on the cut, colour and strengthening the positives by hugging a woman’s body in the right places (legs and butt).


Unlike other stiff denim jeans, the Gelato Legs just slide on… no stress, hassle or breaking a sweat. THIS IS HOW your wardrobe items should fit, with comfort and ease.

And the best part about Gelato legs, they don’t judge even if you have eaten that leftover chocolate cake in the fridge. They are flexible, like all good things in life should be and provide elasticity to support real-life activity.


These quintessential figure-pleasing jeans are of a high quality and when you wash them – you will soon realise that is how they will stay!

*Always read clothing wash instructions to make the most of your garments.

Refuge jeans are all about comfort (cheers to that!) – so they’re made from the most beautifully super soft stretch fabric you’ve ever seen in a pair of jeans. The soft cotton blend fabric moves with you; so these jeans wear like leggings = jeggings heaven.

They’re affordable.

They have the look and are boutique designer jeans - and we’re excited to be able to bring them to our Zebra ladies without the expensive price tag. Truth be told, we love what you get for the price - and that’s why we stock Refuge.

This is a purchase you won’t regret. It is also affordable and allows customers to stay on-trend without breaking the bank.

A definite wardrobe essential (all-year round), and you won’t stop at one pair.

The colours are addictive and turn what may appear as a casual staple, work get-up, into a chic and dressy fashion piece.

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