Top 30 Clothing Hacks and Tips (How To's)

Clothing has its good and bad days. True. Sometimes we are required to repair or modify our clothes, but when life’s uncertainties are upon us, we may not know how to fix an issue without destroying the actual garment.

Below you’ll find our top 30 clothing hacks (developed over the years) for people just like you and me. We’ve tried, tested and succeeded with the following clothing tips and tricks. You’re welcome.

Here goes… the best of the best hacks online.


1. Need to de-fuzz or de-pill a lint ridden garment? Take a cheap razor to the surface just as if you were shaving those hairy legs.

De-pill clothing with a razor


2. Sick of pet fur on your dark clothing? If you don’t have a lint brush or shticky, use sticky tape. A handy little tip if you work in the office.

Sticky tape to remove cat furImage source:


3. Top button won’t do up? Don’t buy a larger size, invest in a button extender.

Top button won't do up - button extenderImage source:


4. Zipper caught in an odd spot? Rub a graphite pencil on your zipper and that baby will move right on up.

Zipper won't do up - lead pencil trickImage source:


5. Need to quickly iron wrinkled clothing? Spray some water on the creased area, give it a little tug and allow it to air dry.

OR use a hair dryer to blow out creases.

Wrinkled clothes trick

Image source:


6. Thread loose on your favourite knit jumper? Simple, grab a bobby pin (or crochet hook), hook the thread and push it through the inside of the garment. Do not cut the loose thread off!

Thread loose on knit trickImage source:


7. Your jeans fade too much? Clean up stains by spotting the area instead of washing the jeans frequently, this will prevent them from fading quickly.

Spot clean your jeans to prevent them from fadingImage source:


8. White deodorant streaks on your clothes? Remove it with baby wipes.

Wipe off deodorant stains with baby wipesImage source:


9. Problems with sweat patch stains on the armpit of your clothing? Rub lemon against the area to remove nasty sweat patches before you place the item in the wash.

Rub lemon on armpits to get rid of sweat stainsImage source:


10. Issues with your Angora sweater leaving cute fuzzy/fluffy fairies all over the house? Chuck it in the freezer (in a plastic bag) and stop all the fluff balls from spreading their wings.

angora sweater fluff issueImage source:


11. Flares don't sit right in your knee high boots? Fold them to one side, shape it and conceal with long socks before placing your feet into the boots. 

Flares in boots trickImage source:


12.Having trouble hanging your jeans? Invest in some S Hooks and hang your jeans proudly by its belt loop.

S hooks to hang up jeans

Image source:


13. Hate folding clothes? Fold tees neatly and easily just like the clothing shops do with a Flipfold and make the magic of folding happen. Ps. You can learn so much from Sheldon’s quirky, but cool ways in The Big Bang Theory (as below).

flip fold clothing toolImage source:

Sheldon Big Bang Theory Flip Fold


14. Shrunk your favourite clothes? Soak the clothes in lukewarm water with conditioner or shampoo and then air dry to resume its normal form.

Unshrink clothes with shampoo or conditionerImage source:


15. Shoes too tight for your feet? Fill a freezer bag with water, place in the shoes and leave in the freezer for a few hours. 

Stretch shoes in the freezerImage source:


16. Hate hanging up clothes? Place your hand in the inside of the t-shirt and pop the hanger through at the top.

Hang your clothes the easy wayImage source:


17. Clothes still creased after ironing? Let the clothes cool down and settle before wearing them. 

Braun ironing - dont wear clothes straight after you iron themImage source:


18. Don’t have time to check if jeans fit you? Measure the jeans by wrapping the waist around your neck (touching the two ends together and if the ends touch, it's perfect).

OR run your forearm inside the waist.

A trick to measure jeans to see if it fitsImage source:


19. Unexpectedly spilt red wine on your clothes? Use white wine to remove red wine stains.

Red wine spill can be cleaned with white wineImage source:


20. Need to flatten your protruding belly (muffin top)? Wear a shaper singlet to hide and flatten.

Wear a body shaper to hige your belly, muffin topImage source:


21. Hole in your stockings? Spray hairspray to prevent new holes from forming.

Hole in your stockingsImage source:


22. Bra straps get in the way? Hide bra straps by taking a paper clip and connecting the straps together.

Paperclip trick to hide your bra (hack)Image source:


23. Need a wardrobe clean-up? Face all hangers in one direction and every time you wear an item, turn the hanger the other way around. After time, see which hangers have been left unturned. #thehangertrick

Clean wardrobe hanger trickImage source:


24. Chewing gum on your clothes? Grab ice, rub the area to harden the gum and remove it with your fingers.

How to get rid of chewing gum on your clothingImage source:


25. Hole in your favourite jeans? Patch this hole with some really funky material to hide your dirty little denim secret.

Patch up jeansImage source:


26. Bleach stains on your top? Colour the bleach stains with a Sharpie to return it to its original colour! Ps. Like the Sharpie used in Horrible Bosses 2!

Bleach stains on top can be covered up with a SharpieImage source:


27. Oil has stained your clothing? Rub powder over the area and leave it to set before washing the garment.

Or ‘Trust Pink’ and use Vanish Preen Ultra Degreaser.

Vanish degreaser to remove oil stains

Image source:


28. Need a longer skirt? Add material to the end of a skirt to make it longer.

Mkae your skirt longer

Image source:


29. Drawstring has fallen out? Grab a safety pin, attach it to the end of the string and push it through the hole until you reach the other end.

Drawstring trick with a safety pinImage source:


30. Zipper won’t stay up? Grab a key ring, loop it in the hole of the zipper slider and place the ring around the button to keep it from slipping down.

Zipper trick to keep the kip from falling downImage source:


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