Them Skinny Jean Feels

Comfortable all the way from your waist down to your ankles with them skinny jean feels.

Skinny jeans have made its way to be an essential item in almost every wardrobe. There has hardly been a clothing item that has been reinvented as much as the skinny leg denim. Skinny jeans have ruled the fashion industry for a long time now and have enjoyed a bigger comeback unlike anything else. Considered most reliable and accessible, skinny jeans have been popular for several years and have been labelled as a classic wardrobe piece, despite it laying low during the 1990s, it has been a massive hit in every decade for both female and male wardrobes.

The skinny leg style is so easy to help you dress; one must not forget to mix it up by experimenting with bottom colours and tops/layers. Appropriate for varied weather conditions, it also works regardless of whether you hope to dress up or down an outfit. The basic pair of skinny jeans in your wardrobe can do wonders when it comes to recreating already worn outfits. The no-fuss style can build a foundation for a reliable outfit combination.

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Skinny Jean - What is so amazing about its design? 

Skinny denim is a popular choice for the figure-hugging, snug, and sexy look. Often considered a crucial sale item in every fashion retail store, so that they can be on par with current fashion trends of what customer need, like you. Skinny jeans, in a nutshell, are a pair of tight-fitting jeans that come with narrow legs. It aims to hug according to your shape and works to beautifully project your physique. From rich denim blues to dark and mysterious black, plain to ripped to distressed, pockets or none etc., denim is there to suit any wardrobe role.

Our current generation has an undeniable amount of love for shopping. We are inspired by celebrities and influencers now online. From Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham and the K’s, there is an endless list of other fashion icons, they have shown us how skinny jeans are the present and future of the fashion industry. A-listers with great sass and a world of confidence have been spotted sporting the skinny legs look.

The easy yet stylish ways to pair your skinny jeans -

If not already, you're most likely dying to own a pair of skinny jeans and the key is to find a pair that offers consistency to your wardrobe. Spring, winter, autumn, or summer, the skinny legs wardrobe essential can be your saviour. From pairing it with a simple white T-shirt to a striped sweater, edgy leather jackets, and vibrant coloured blazers - you will be able to look classically chic with the least amount of effort any time of the day or year.

Make room in your closet for Refuge Denim and thank us later!

Our most loved clothing pieces is our range of skinny legs are by Refuge Denim Clothing. With Refuge at your fingertips, your fashion nightmares are over! We’re writing this article to all our existing fans, interested bystanders and soon to be worshipers. Huge denim heads ourselves, it is important we can spread the word.

REFUGE GELATO LEGS – Picture the comfiest pair of skinny legs going around. Then think Refuge. So comfy, we kid you not, you would want to sleep in them. However, they have the bonus of being super classy to accompany you no matter how casual or fancy the occasion might be. Refuge Gelato Legs can be bought in so many different colours giving the option of creating multiple outfits and matches to your current wardrobe attire. So where have we worn Gelato Legs? From work, to social ventures, clubbing and even whilst holidaying. Ready set, take off…

Top 5 benefits of the GELATO LEG JEAN

Refuge Gelato Legs

  • Lightweight material means they are easy to pack in a suitcase. Fit more in by rolling each pair and get yourself out of a tight situation when you have too much going on in your suitcase.
  • Super soft and easy on the belly. Eat as much as you want, and these Gelato’s will move with your expanding belly!
  • Flexible, so much so you can perform gymnastics in them if you wanted. Better yet, they are so comfy you may feel the urge to snooze without taking them off.
  • Colour centric, so many options to choose from provides different outfit options and styles. Everybody wins when they get to select a colour.
  • Flattering style as it hugs to the body to accentuate all womanly physiques.

Refuge is more than a label; it is an experience that starts with meeting the fashion needs and revolves around every factor that is necessary to complete your look. It is the beginning of a journey that will help you look like the fashionista that you are. Refuge Clothing is customised and built around you. If you are a lady who is simply head over heels for skinny jeans, then you can't afford to miss out on shopping Refuge Gelato Legs, Joggers, Oil Riggers, Plain Cuffed and their Ripped options via


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