The Izoa Lexi Bag is your glam new best friend - guaranteed!

Sacrificing glam for the sake of practicality is a thing of the past with the Izoa Lexi Bag.

She's beauty, she's grace, she fits your phone, lippy and keys plus a whole lot more. Eyelash glue? Yep. Tampons? You betcha! Little snacky snack for when the night gets to be a little too much and all you can think about is the six pack of nugs you're going to eat in your bed later on? Of course. Come to think of it, you could probably fit a nugget box in the Izoa Lexi Bag...

She sparkles like a disco ball in a sweaty nightclub on a summer night, but she also ripples light when the winter sun hits her, just like that lake you used to visit as a kid did. Pair the Izoa Lexi Bag with an all black ensemble, complete with thigh high boots that crunch over the autumn leaves, or have her on your wrist while you flit about in a bright pink sundress, the spring breeze ruffling your skirts. The Izoa Lexi Bag is for all seasons and is always there when you need her.

She may look expensive, her solid body decked out in sparkling crystal embellishments, but the Izoa Lexi Bag is affordable without sacrificing quality, making her the perfect bestie for bougee babes on a budget.

Izoa Lexi Bag

Take her along to a first date (she can totally fit a change of underwear if things go well... or a king-size snickers bar if they don't!).

She loves nights with the girls, and you'll never lose her among other bags because she outshines them all. She'll be by your side on your wedding day, holding your phone (and his/hers/theirs) because she belongs to the both of you now. The Lexi Izoa Bag can even fit a dummy, some rusk sticks and a spare bib for the glam mumma.

Can a little ol’ handbag really be your best friend? What a silly question, of course she can! The Lexi Izoa Bag has all the qualities of a best friend-she’s reliable, she’s fun, she can carry anything you throw at her, she makes you feel good about yourself and will always be there at the end of the night when everyone else has left.

The Izoa Lexi Bag sparkles for you even when you don't feel sparkly. She'll take all the compliments. She'll rest firmly in your grasp. She'll let you hide your face behind her when you spot your ex. She's your girl and she's got your back. And your phone. And your keys. And whatever else you need her to carry, baggage and all!

Shop the Lexi Glam Bag on The Zebra Effect website so you can own this statement piece today. 

Author - Guest Blogger / Valued Customer: Daniella Di Carlo

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