Fringe – Hot Fashion Trend of 2016

There’s something foxy and irresistible about a girl wearing fringe.

Fringed hemlines, sleeves, cuffs and shredded detail create such great texture, and the drama of the moving fabric really tends to draw the eye. There’s something seductive and tantalising about the way moving drapery reveals flashes of skin or hidden layers underneath - it’s mysterious, unexpected and sexy.

But fringe isn’t a new thing. It’s been around since the 20’s, evolving through the decades to bring dynamics in some form to almost every age of fashion. Often representing the carefree and the young, fringe fashion has always been at the forefront of cutting edge fashion design – which is probably why it has attracted so many of history’s most influential, most avant garde personalities, designers and icons. Movers and shakers have always worn fringe.

Now – in case you’ve gotten this far and are still thinking fringed hippie 70’s dress ups, let me stop you right there no tacky shredded denim and oversized hair flowers here). Today’s reincarnation of the fringe is anything but tacky – and as we will see, anything but a fad. The emerging fringe trend of today has a certain softness about it – a certain delicacy and femininity – but as well, a striking edginess. It’s as fresh, tasteful, exciting and versatile.

Contemporary ‘fringe fashion’ is trending up in 2016 and it’s not hard to understand why.

Lost in Lunar

For the first time, Zebra Effect welcomes a whole new range of desirable wear from Lost in Lunar (available for order now). A mature and contemporary fashion label inspired by ‘the light hearted and carefree spirit of the modern bohemian’, it seems fitting that Lost in Lunar (by sister duo Denise and Nellie) should bring fringe fashion into the Zebra jungle.

Lost in Lunar’s newest collection is undeniably on-trend with pieces like this effortless Black Coyote Cape (an open front bohemian drape piece with fringe trim and striking eyelet “hole” embellishments), or these must-have Foxy Fringe Black Jeans with their unexpected shredded fringe detail. We adore the dramatic texture of the shredded hem – also available in Light Blue Denim.

Lost in Lunar have undoubtedly captured the beauty of fringed elements, and we are enchanted. Our (newly fringe-oriented) Zebra Eyes are keenly set on Lost in Lunar, and we look forward to bringing you more fringed beauties from this hot new label on our New Arrivals page soon!

Foxy Fringe Denim Jeans by Lost in Lunar Lost in Lunar Black Foxy Fringe Denim Fringe Cape Jacket Coyote Lost in Lunar

The history of fringe

The history of fringe in fashion is fascinating. It is an ornamentation which originated with the native American Indians, who wore it decoratively in tribal dress for hundreds of years before European settlement.

It first fused with European fashion in the 1920’s – a period of intense social and economic change in which people had a real fascination with all things exotic and oriental. The 20’s produced the Charleston Dance – a dance style phenomenon which drew dance elements from African American culture. It was a craze! Anybody who was anybody was into the Charleston.

To ramp up drama and energy, dancers of the Charleston created dresses adorned all over with fringes, which moved and shook with their body as they danced, purposefully revealing glimpses of leg. It was a period of rebellion and experimentation for women, who embraced the chance to be daring and break the rules!

Fringes Charleston Dance

Fringes accentuated the movement & energy of the Charleston Dance.

From there, fringe naturally progressed into the flapper and jazz styles of the 1930’s (think Miss Fisher!) and; with its roots in experimentation and boundary-pushing, has since turned up in fashion wherever the forefront of design happens to be.

From the 1950’s Elvis Presley turned fringe into a phenomenon synonymous with his progressive music of the times – who can forget that unforgettable leather jacket? Again, in the 60’s it was the designer Valentino who encapsulated the changing social times with statement making fringed pieces like this red poncho (featuring a long fringe worn over trousers). It’s diva-esque allure is timeless.

Fringe Fashion Elvis Jacket

Elvis Presley's Fringed Leather Jackets were iconic.

By the 1970’s the hippies, peacemakers and lovemakers had embraced fringed fashion, and claimed it as their own (thus the cliché 70’s costumes you find all around eBay). Artists and musicians such as Jimi Hendrix & John Lennon found all new ways to rock fringed fashion (knitted, suede and leather), which became increasingly popular, appearing in mainstream magazines. 70’s fringe fashion was bolder more and more decorated than it had ever been, and it became a symbol of the freedom and youthful energy of the music scene at the time.

Later in the '80s, fringe fashion appeared again – this time paired with embroidered, patterned, long-fringed shawls and OTT evening dresses (morphed with glamour fashion) – and the trend continued into the 90’s, made famous by Linda Evangelista (in that sultry Dolce & Gabbana skirt and top) where fringed pieces were often embroidered with crystals, which made a feature of the sparkle.

Fringe fashion has been incorporated into the style of almost every generation. You might remember the ‘cowgirl’ fringe look and feel of the 00’s, (ahem, this Prada tunic made entirely of fringe). Remember all the fringed coats, bags and clutches? It was the trend of the season.

Contemporary Fringe Fashion

But that was then. Today, fringed fashion has started to appear on the global fashion scene once again – and this year, the flirty fringe was notable amongst the collections of some of the world’s most sophisticated fashion houses and worn by some of the most beautiful people in the world There’s no cowgirl in sight in today’s fringe – just luxe, sophistication and plenty of bohemian chic.

New York Fashion week has identified fringe fashion as one of the Top 10 trends of the year. And we love it.

2016 Fringe Fashion is elegant, and sensual. Paired with modern or minimalist fashion pieces, contemporary fringe fashion comes nothing short of diva!

Get the look

So – excited by fringe? We are too – but don’t go too fringe crazy in one look! Too much fringe in one outfit can look like a costume. –

Don’t overdo it – instead, incorporate your new favourite hanging threads carefully into your existing wardrobe, by matching with plains – like pairing your new Coyote Cape with your favourite Refuge Jeans and boots. The beauty of 2016 fringe is in its softness – so your look should remain playful. Fringe tap tops and accessories are also easy to wear with simple jeans or a skirt.

Monochrome works well with fringe so shop your basics as well, to make sure your new fringe fav’s stay in the spotlight!

Coyote Black Fringe Cape

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