Refuge Gelato Legs Denim Sale

Gelato Legs, meet Zebra.

Zebra, meet Gelato Legs (hello!)

If you’re yet to get your hands on these hot Gelato Leg babies from Refuge Denim, c’mon and focus those eyes right here.

Refuge has been keeping Sydney’s boutique denim scene pulsing since the 90’s with festival soul and attitude pieces designed for women who love to be on-trend without breaking the bank.

Ah yes, with neutral class it was only a matter of time before they marched their way into our must-have list for our Zebra women to rock all round Australia!

They got us with Onyx and Sapphire and they kept us with Khaki, Charcoal and the White Gelato Leg jeans - which could be yours with just one-click.

Here’s why we love these jeans (and why you will too).

They’re sexy.

It’s clear, Refuge know legs when you look at the cut of this sassy, colour-luxe collection of women’s jeans. They make a girl’s legs (and butt) look ultra-good. We love the beautiful detail found in this best seller Gelato Legs Onyx Jeans. They just shimmy on up and sit very snug on the legs. And they’re black, which is best for calling upon these jeans as your ultimate wardrobe staple.

They’re shapely.

Refuge jeans walk the talk.

The Refuge Gelato skinny leg collection of jeans have been dreamed up, designed and made by beautiful people who get what women need in a good pair of jeans.

Check out these Refuge Khaki Gelato Leg denims - they sculpt your shape and structure beautifully.

Figure-pleasing is what these jeans are, and they are quality and that’s how they’ll stay, no matter how many times you chuck them in the wash. Oh and you’d never know by looking, but they’re actually super-soft and stretchy. A perfect excuse to look good with their tight hugging feel and appearance, but comfortable stretch for times of need (like, when you’ve eaten far too much and need some breathing room!)

The beauty of these jeans is that they are made in the same style and fit, so you can fill your whole wardrobe with different colours, knowing they will match your taste.

They’re comfy.

Zoom in on these Gelato Legs and get a sneak peek at the fabric. Refuge jeans are all about comfort (cheers to that!) – so they’re made from the most beautifully super soft stretch fabric you’ve ever seen in a pair of jeans. The soft cotton blend fabric moves with you; so these jeans wear like leggings.

We rate the comfort factor here to be on the high side of Zen…but don’t take our word for it! Try them for yourself.

They’re affordable.

They have the look (ahem), they are totally boutique designer jeans - and we’re excited to be able to bring them to our Zebra women sans the expensive price tag. In fact, we love what you get for the $ - and that’s why we love (and stock) Refuge.

With so many gorgeous shades of black and neutral available in this range, any one of these jeans will glue together all your wardrobe fav’s right through the seasons. As an investment piece, it’s hard not to rate these as RED HOT. 

The verdict.

So, have we raved about the Refuge Gelato Legs collection enough? Did you know that *the whole Zebra Effect team office wears Refuge*?

That's a full score for looks and wear, price, fit and style - our behind the scenes verdict for you.

So now you’re acquainted, make the most of ZE’s 100% free delivery to where you are in Australia, pick one out and get these threads on your legs!

Not convinced? Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we accept any returns within 30 days of delivery. (Full refund policy here).

Day made? Send us your Refuge snaps and join the Zebra Refuge movement! Every girl must have a pair.

Style tip: What’s on trend now? Denim on denim, so grab a black pair of Gelato Legs and add a light denim jacket to finish off the outfit - this ensemble is a style setter!

The end.

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