Living Life in Mono?

You know you are a Zebra when…

  • You have to un-tick all the colours on your favourite online store before you can even start browsing.
  • The football bores you but under duress, you secretly want the Pies to win.
  • Cup Day? There is no Cup Day. But there is Derby Day…
  • You insta with #Moon and #Inkwell.
  • It takes you 10 hours to choose between between charcoal, coal, jet, onyx, raven, ink and sooty.
  • Bleach goes in with every wash.
  • You don’t mind your cat Felix leaves white hairs on your black slacks. That cat has style!
  • Your friends ask you if you’re okay when you rock up wearing red.
  • Your nail polish collection consists of alabaster, blanched, bleached, frosted, ivory, pearly, ashen, chalky, milky and snow.
  • You have an e-bay watch list set up for vintage noir.
  • You store blacks to the left and whites to the right (your B&W OCD is getting out of hand).
  • You do two washes every time: one for the blacks, and one for the whites.
  • Red wine and beetroot is SO out of bounds.
  • Pearls dominate your jewellery box.
  • Your mailman knows you because you shop Zebra Effect and get it delivered all the time!

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