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A-line Skirt - Shaped like a capital A. This skirt is fitted from the hips and widens as it extends down.

Animal Print Clothing - Resembles an animals inherent pattern; of their skin or fur. Each animal print forms a distinctive style.

Applique - Fabric that features the same design, with more than one layer sewn on top of each other.

Attire - A word used to describe clothing.

Anorak - Anorak is a type of coat or parka, often accompanied with a hood.



Backless - Low cut in the back of the garment.

Ball Gown - A dress long in length and worn to an elaborate function.

Ballerina Skirt - A skirt made of multiple layers of fabric, full in length.

Bandage Dress - Made from multiple thin strips and pieced together to look like bandages. Usually referred to as a body-con dress. Aimed to hold the body in place with its tight fitting nature.

Bell-bottoms - Pants that flare after the knee.

Bikini - Two piece swimwear. Often worn by women at the beach or to the pools.

Blazer - A jacket that is often worn as a uniform or part of business attire (forming part of a suit).

Blouse - Upper garment similar to a shirt, sometimes with a collar and buttons lining the front. Can be sleeveless or have sleeves and is typically worn as a loose garment.

Board-shorts  / Surf Trunks / Jams - Shorts that a person can swim in, often long in length.

Bodysuit - One piece suit that is tight fitting.

Boho-chic stands for bohemian-chic - A fashion style that is considered free-spirited and hippie-like. This style of dressing is often referred to as the gypsy look.

Bouffant Gown - A rounded gown that appears puffy.

Boxer Cut - Squared off shape with minimal tailoring.


Camisole / Cami - An undergarment with shoulder straps that is loose fitting and worn on the upper body.

Capped Sleeves - A cut that elongates the arms with its short sleeves (non-standard length).

Capri Pants - Tapered pants that are tight fitting and at calf length.

Cardigan - Garment with an open front, which  can be fastened with buttons. Often worn as knitwear with long sleeves.

Cargo - Pants that are loose and have several pockets attached.

Coat dress - A dress that is tailored to look like a coat.

Coatigan - A cardigan that is long in length and tailored to look like a coat.

Cocktail Dress - Dresses worn to social and semi-formal events.

Costume - A style of dress taking on a distinctive theme and persona.

Cotton - A type of material that is made from a soft white fibrous substance, taken from a cotton plant (around the seeds).

Couture - Made to measure clothes that are classified as fashionable.

Cowl Neck - A draped neckline on a garment, that sits in folds.

Crop Top - A top that is short enough to expose the waist / navel.

Cuffed Jeans - A fold in the bottom of jeans that forms a band in the material.


Debutante or Deb Dress - A white dress to denote the coming of age for a women, who is deemed ready for society and marriage. Often worn with pearls and white gloves.

Denim - A strong cotton twill (weaved) fabric.

Dirndl Skirt - A skirt that has a tight fitted waistline and widens towards the feet. 

Dresses - One piece garment that is worn by a women and often reaches the knees in length.



Elastane - Elastic polyurethane material that is used for tight fitting items, such as hosiery and underwear.

Embroidery - Seen as an art, embroidery comprises of raised and embellished designs in fabric.

Epaulets - Decorative shoulder embellishment.



Fashion - Popular styles and trending for goods, such as clothing garments.

Fashion Blogger - A knowledgeable person who shares posts and articles publicly, covering off topics such as; fashion trends, styles, celebrity apparel, details on fashion brands and news.

Fashion Trend - A direction in which a fashion object is of popular use, discussion and influence.

Filigree - Ornamental fine wire with tiny beads added on.

Flannel - Soft-woven fabric made out of cotton or wool.

Footwear - Outer cover for the feet.

Formal Wear - Clothing suitable for big events.

Fray - Fabric worn at the edge on purpose OR fabric that has unravelled.

Frills / Fringe - Strips gathered on a garment, that is sewn on to a piece of the garment as a decoration.

Frock - A dress, which is worn as a loose outer garment.


Gaiter - A piece of fabric worn over the shoe, extending to the ankle or the knee.

Geometric Shape - A pattern, generally made up of different shapes.

Gypsy Style - Free spirited fashion, also known as the 'boho-look'.



Halter-neck - A top that wraps around the neck.

Handbag - A bag that is carried around by a woman and is usually held by straps and placed across the shoulders.

Haute - Custom fitted clothing - classy/fancy and considered high fashion.

Headband - Fabric or other material, worn around the head as a decorative piece or to hold the hair in place.

Headwear - Items worn on the head, for example a headband, fascinator, flower crown, hat or cap.

Herringbone - A v-shaped weave in the material, resembling the skeleton of a herring fish.

Hoodies - Appendage to a garment, it can be drawn over the head.



Iridescent - A property in fabric, where fabric can change colour when light touches its surface.


Jackets - A garment worn on the upper body, with an open front and long sleeves. Can be fastened using buttons and a zip for example.

Jeggings - Combination of jeans and leggings, with a tight stretch fit.

Jouy Print - A white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a detailed scene is present.

Jumpsuit - Pants and top combined into one piece.



Knife Pleat - A sharp folds in the material. Narrow pleats.


Leather - A type of material which is highly sought after, it is made from the skin of an animal (i.e. cattle/cow).

Leggings - Leggings are tight fitting pants commonly worn by women.

Leotard - One piece stretch garment, that is tight fitting on the body. It has be known to cover the arms and legs.

Lettuce Hem - A wavy hemline, which is the result of fabric being stretched as it is sewn.

Lingerie - Women's underwear, often classified as intimate apparel.

Little Black Dress - Commonly known as "LBD", a cocktail dress that is essential in a woman's wardrobe. It is often short and simple.



Mandarin Collar - A small, close fitting and upright collar.

Maxi - A garment that reaches down to the ankle.

Micro-skirt - A skirt that can be referred to as a belt skirt and is very short in length. Shorter than a mini skirt.

Midi - A garment that reaches the calf in length.

Midriff - Exposed abdomen by wearing cropped and swimwear attire.

Miniskirt Pencil - Narrow, slim fitting skirt.

Monochrome Clothing - Clothing executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour.

Monokini - One piece beach outfit. Can reveal certain areas like a women's midriff and breasts.

Motif - A design applied to an object.



Negligee - A dressing gown fashioned using a soft fabric.

Nightwear - Clothing worn to bed.

Nylon - Light weight elastic synthetic polymer, produced as filaments, sheets, or moulded objects. This is seen as a tough material.



Ombré - Gradual change of one shade from dark to light OR light to dark.

OOTD stands for - Outfit Of The Day is showing people what they have worn for that day, or what should be showcased to others as a great outfit for one's day. A term used across social media online.

OOTN stands for - Outfit Of The Night is showing people what they have worn for that day, or what should be showcased to others as a great outfit for one's day. A term used across social media online.



Pattern - A repeated/regular type of design print.

Pedal Pushers - Calf length pants.

Playsuit - A one piece garment worn on the upper body.

Polka-dots - Known as a pattern, it involves a repetition of round dots on the fabric.

Polyester - A fabric made from polyester fibre and is classified as a synthetic resin.

Poncho - Initially a South American garment made out of a wool cloth with an opening for the head to fit through.

Prêt-à-porter - Designer clothes that are ready to wear and do not need to be custom made.

PVC stands for - Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride, referred to as vinyl clothing, it gives off a shiny look.



Fashionably late.


Raglan - Style of sleeve, where a piece of fabric continues to the neck with no shoulder seam.

Rah-rah Skirt -  A short flounced layered skirt, picture what a cheerleader would wear.
Rayon - Fabric made from regenerated cellulose (viscose).

Retro - A term used to describe fashion from the recent past.

Ripped Jeans - Fashionable jeans from the 80's, where they are ripped, frayed or worn in excess, to create a distressed look.

Romper - Loose fitting shirt that is cinched at the waist and connected to shorts, to create a one piece look.

Ruching - Gathering of material on a garment, a great way to hide certain angles of the body, as the fabric does not sit smoothly when it has ruching applied.



Sarong Skirt - A garment of South East Asia, it is wrapped and tied around the body.

Scarf  - Often decorative, it is fabric worn around the neck.

Shorts - Short trousers that sit at thigh length or extend to the knees.

Silk - Produced by silkworms, this fabric is soft and luxurious.

Singlet - A garment that has no sleeves and is used instead of a t-shirt, often worn under other garments.

Skirts - Skirts sit on the waist and extend down the thigh.

Spandex - A stretchy polyurethane material.

Stockings - Stockings hug the feet and extend up to cover the legs and finish at the waist.

Strapless - A garment that does not require straps to sit on the shoulder, it hugs the body to stay on.

Stripes - A striped pattern, that is like long bands on a fabric.

Style - The way an object is designed, giving it a distinct appearance and air of appreciation.

Suit - Outer garments that are usually a two piece matching set, for example an office skirt and blazer ensemble.

Suspenders - Straps that are connected to the pants to hold them up and are strung around the shoulders. Fastened from the front to back.

Sweater - A garment worn on the upper body, it generally has long sleeves.

Sweatshirts - A loose garment worn on the upper body.

Swimwear - An item of apparel that is worn to the beach and made specifically to withstand conditions of being in water and the outdoors.



Teddy - An undergarment worn by women.

Tie-Dye - A garment that has been tied and stained with dye to create a unique pattern.

Tights - Pants that are tight fitting, covering the legs and bottom, right up to the hips! Usually ankle length.

Top - Garment worn on the upper body.

Turtleneck - A garment worn on the upper body, with a high close fitting neck.



Uniform - A distinct dress code worn by members of an organisation.

Unitary - Skin-tight garment that covers the body, from the neck to the wrists and ankles.



Veil - A headpiece, often made from mesh like fabric and can be worn on one's wedding day. Attached to the hair or head.

Vent - A split in a garment to allow for movement.

Vests - Generally vests have no sleeves, it's worn on the upper body and can sometimes come with a hood attached.

Vintage - Relates to clothing from the past and is of high quality.



Welt Pockets - A pocket set into the garment with a slit entrance, as opposed to a patch or flap pocket.

Wrap Dress - Dress that wraps around the body and can be tied to create a firm look.



Fashionably late.



Yoga Pants - Flexible and stretchy, these pants fit firmly on the body.

Yoke - Part of a garment around the neckline on the front and back, extending to the shoulders and offering the garment support.


Fashionably late.


Source(s): Google & Vogue. The Fashion Dictionary Copyright 2017.

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