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Professional Spray Tan Machine Sunless Tanning Gun Kit HVLP System Black

  • $134.00

HVLP Spray Tan Machine

Who says the only way to get the best tan is to expose under the sun on the beach for hours? This Spray Tan Machine will give you a glamorous bronzed tan at home in minutes. Featuring a quiet and powerful motor and by utilizing massive amounts of High Volume Air Flow at a Low Air Pressure, you are able to apply the fine mist required for a beautiful “DHA” Tan to create an even and streak-free coverage for the perfect finish, this Spray Tan Machine will give you the stunning look.


HVLP spray gun with one adjustments

3 adjustable spray patterns: round, vertical and horizontal

Spray gun/cup holder for better convenience

One fixed speed

Washable and reusable filter

4 rubber feet for stable operation



Rated Power:500W-700w

Air pressure (bar):0.1-0.2 Bar


Spray kettle Capacity:250ML

Nozzle size:0.5/1.0mm

Hose length:2.5m

Package Contents:

1 x Spray tan machine

1 x User manual