Travelling jeans!

Pack light.
Two cruel words for anyone whose clothes and shoes are like their children.
My mind’s voice is always spiteful with this instruction.
Susan Heller
Or be strategic and take half the amount of clothes and bring extra money ;)
Travelling is important. It opens up your mind and body to new experiences and the unknown. Work or pleasure, it is becoming a constant for many lifestyles, including mine.
Excited to be escaping Melbourne’s lack of sunshine for a few days; and heading up north for a work function this July, I was faced with the paradox of excitement… what should I pack?
Packing clothes for travel
So as per usual, I went through my schedule… dressing myself for each meeting, function and experience ahead. Then I set some clothing rules for this visit – versatility and lightness. Cue light bulb.
My number one choice became clear – my Refuge jeans!

Not only are they easily versatile from morning meetings to night-time liaisons they are perfect for packing light! Packing tip… if you fold these jeans and they seem to take up unnecessary suitcase room… roll them!

I decided to limit myself to three pairs of jeans.
1. Black REFUGE Oil Riggers
If you don’t own a pair, do yourself a favour and invest! These jeans are not only glam, buy comfortable. The stretchy material is seductive and deceptive. The high waist is perfect to sculpt my figure and keep me feeling supported. I always keep them on hand for dinners, a dressy work event, or a night out dancing!

*Care for these jeans carefully, to ensure longevity for the rubber sheen coat. I swear by wash-bags and flipping them inside out – on a gentle hand wash (machine).

2. Dark blue REFUGE Gelato Legs
These jeans… will be your everything and more! I literally live in them. This fabric moulds to your body and always makes me feel toned! I am at ease in the knowledge that they are comfortable and the colour is perfect for daytime meetings with a pair of heels. Then, when you need to change from chic to casual-chic the transformation is effortless, with a pair of cute loafers or Havianas! Also, great to wear on flights, super comfortable!

3. Light blue (distressed) REFUGE ripped knees
Oh I love emulating a season, when dressing. These jeans make me feel like summer!! My go-to jeans for a fun energetic breakfast with big shades and a classic light tee, tucked in at the front and a long necklace.

I also wear these jeans when I am sightseeing or attending sports events… even walking along the beach (rolled up of course). So versatile and currently trending; therefore always an easy option.
I Should Start Packing.
And there you have it, my staples for any short trip. Now please excuse me while I work out what tops, dresses and blazers to pack.

On that note I will leave you with this beautiful sentiment from Madeleine Albright…
Madeline Albright

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