Top Fashion Trend: Wide Leg Pants

Who can remember those crazy days where all your energy was channelled towards pulling your fitted pants up your legs? If you are done feeling uncomfortable while you try to look fashionable, then we have some exciting news for you. The wide leg pants have made their comeback in the fashion world and its high time you have a pair of these in your wardrobe. From the silhouette design, to the modern print, this fresh trend is what every girl must have. The use of meticulous detailing in the look of the wide leg trousers is enough to draw any fashionista's eye. From paper-eye waists, to asymmetrical accents, and neat pleats you definitely have a wide range of choice to pick from.


From Megan Markle to Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba, Nadine Leopold, and so many others have been spotted in wide leg trousers. These customized, tailored pants are a perfect blend of chic and sophistication.


If you check out the collection currently on sale at, you are going to have your mind blown away.  Wide leg trousers in a variety of vibrant and sorbet hues along with fun patterns and exclusive bold shades are available here. Style these pants any which way you want, and the result is going to make you look phenom.

Olympia Wide Leg Pants


Why should you pick wide leg pants over the other pants?


Keeping aside the factor that they are super comfy, there are several other reasons why you should pick the wide leg pants. Wondering what are these reasons we’re talking about? Take a look.


The look of the past, will rock your present.


Everything that was once fashionable in the 70s, have a way of making an entrance, but the wide-leg pants are an absolute favourite of the fashion peeps. The ultra-modern look and the touch of sophistication makes these pants a hit.


Choose wide leg pants every day, for different purposes.


They serve every purpose you are planning to dress up for. Formal, casual, date night, parties, or simply a fun and outdoorsy feel.


Time to feel comfortable and look sophisticated.


Oh, you can feel like the free and untamed spirit that you are in this comfortable and relaxed attire. You don't need those good awfully tight pants that cause unbearable pain and discomfort all day.


Add a few inches to your height.


Have you always thought about how you would look if you were just a little taller? Of course, you have. We all have. Well, you can't do anything about that now or can you? The wide leg trousers make your legs slender and add height to your frame. Choose the all-time fashionable stripes and you will be able to create the illusion of being taller. The tight fitting around the waist will cover up those bulges and give you a toned look.

Breaker Wide Leg Pleated Pants Harvey The Label

How can you style your wide leg trousers?


Now, is the time to pick the pant hems that are wide. This forgiving yet fashionable pants can be worn with a tucked in shirt, a well fitted sweater, or a casual t-shirt. It all depends on how you want to dress up.


  • It’s an absolute must to have the essential shade of either navy, olive, camel, cream, black, grey, or white. If you feel lost amidst the plethora of choices in wide leg pants, then turn to the safe and neutral colours. They will never fail you. The style that is currently everyone's favourite is the drawstring, front-tying one.


  • Go for cropped wide leg trousers. The cropped style, along with a well fitted waist will create a flattering look. Pair it with a pair of stilettos, and voila!


  • How about the combination of jeans and wide leg trousers? This fashion forward style is to absolutely die for. Wear it on the lazy summer mornings to pull off a trendy look. Now, you can pick various styles in this. Cropped and high rise is one of our favourite styles. A pair of sneakers along with a striped tee will not only be easy but extremely fashionable.


  • You have to accentuate your waist, to achieve that tuck in your shirt or top. Remember you need to maintain the balance. To flaunt the silhouette of your pants, it is necessary to keep your loose or tight shirt/top/tunic tucked in. If you pick a front tie detailing, it will accentuate your waist further and help you look sensational.


  • Wanna try a jumpsuit? This year fashion is all about wide leg pants, jumpsuits, and jeans. The comfortable and fabulous look of the jumpsuits is perfect for an everyday, casual look.


Stone Multiway Jumpsuit Wide Leg Pants


Stay in fashion by following the trend of wide leg pants.

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