How to Find your Stripes - Confidence is Beautiful - by Gianna Lucas

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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

We can all thank American business woman and style icon, Rachel Zoe for this awesome quote and for good reason. I believe this phrase rings true for each and every one of us. We’re all unique and that’s what makes us extra spesh. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, with our uniqueness also comes our own individual style.

In my own learnings, I’ve found that once a person comes to realise who they are inside and out, any sense of insecurity seems to flush away, making room for a flurry of contentment and confidence.

Confidence is a beautiful trait. Those who are genuinely comfortable in their skin are generally full of positivity, which is why they’re so well received and appreciated by many. They see the good, give praise and radiate kindness. Wouldn’t we all like to feel like that? And the great thing is… we can. Whoohoo!

I’m going to paint a picture for you. In this scenario we have two girls who are both equally fabulous inside and out, however their perceptions of themselves couldn’t be more far a part.

Girl One: I love my soft wavy hair. I am thankful my eyes are deep in colour. I am so happy I’m curvy.
Girl Two: My hair is anything but luscious. Why are my eyes so boring to look at? I wish I was super skinny.
I don’t know about you but it’s clear to me that ‘Girl 1’ knows who she is and is proud of her features. There’s no mention of her so-called ‘faults’, because guess what, she doesn’t care. Whereas ‘Girl 2’ is sadly struggling with her appearance. She hasn’t embraced her beautiful qualities. She is stunning, she just can’t see it.
[Top Tip: Cut the negative talk. This type of chatter is commonly known as fear and trust me, this style of talking doesn’t want to be your bestie.]
In the morning when I get up, get dressed and put a bit of lippy on, I automatically feel fabulous and ready for the day ahead. I’ve always had the belief that our style reflects our personality. If you wake up in the morning and feel a bit sluggish, I guarantee if you put on an outfit you love, you’ll feel a lot more motivated to kickstart your day.
[Top Tip: If you’re not a fan of selecting outfits in the morning, then I suggest you pre-select them the night before. This formula is always a winner.]

Fashion is forever evolving, however there is one exception to the rule – all things black and white. These two staple shades generally look good on everyone. Whenever unsure of an outfit, I find any design in black will generally be a winner. For decades black has been referred to as a classic and sophisticated shade, and if you thought that wasn’t enough, it’s super slimming too. You seriously can’t go wrong!

I recently came across an online apparel store based in Melbourne, Australia. They’re called The Zebra Effect. As their name appropriately suggests, they specialise in all things zebra! No, not actual zebras (thank goodness!), but in actual fact they’re all about black, white and neutral based fashion pieces. So in other words, any girl’s go-to destination!



Refuge Denim Oil Rigger Jeans

Pictured: Guest blogger, Gianna Lucas in Refuge Denim - Black Oil Riggers.


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