Fifty Shades of Black

It was pre year-10 formal and I had $50, some wild ideas and a few hours at the shops to find my outfit. It hadn’t gone well.

I’d been through a dozen ‘not the one’ dresses – and, out of ideas and with the shops ready to close, had bagged a plain black dress which (in a rush) I hadn’t even bothered trying on. All my dreams of finding the perfect dress had been dashed!

Need I say - that plain black dress turned out to be a winner. It was cut beautifully and seemed to smooth me out and shape me up. It was a modest length, but showed just the right amount of skin. It looked so grown up; it looked beautiful. It was a whole new look I hadn’t imagined, and I loved it!

My friends, (my mum) and that nice boy from 10th grade agreed. I still have it.

Ever since, I have just loved neutral colours. Deep dark blacks, pure whites and every neutral shade in between. My closet is about as neutral as you can get, and in the years since, I’ve come to appreciate black’s many moods and shades, and all the joys it has to offer.

Here’s why you should wear more black.


1. It’s elegant.

There’s something about wearing black that is statement making, without needing to shout. It’s bold but subtle, powerful but plain. It’s seductive but still demure, sophisticated but simple and even dainty (but daring, in a very ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ sort of way). What could be more elegant than a simple, well cut top and a nice set of pearls? When it comes to style, black has it all.


2. It’s slimming.

The human eye tends to register anything dark as being on the small side - so wearing a shade of black can make you appear slimmer. Try pairing a classic black cami with a light cardy, or a pair of dark wash jeans and a charcoal grey top. Black conceals shadows and lines. It really is slimming.


3. It’s easy.

I’m one busy girl. I want to look great but not pour my precious hours into working on my style. Black’s there for me when I need to effortlessly look great. From the little black dress to faithful jeans and tank to tailored power suit: shopping, washing and matching couldn’t be easier when you’re rocking the mono look! It’s so nice to have that faithful black Refuge pair of jeans to rip out when needed day to day!


4. It’s versatile.

‘One is never overdressed or under-dressed with a little black dress!’ Black is so complimentary. It can be dressed up or down, worn day or night and right through the year. Bling it, go it with sleek sunnies and a hat, or knee-high boots and jacket in the winter. Beach, BBQ or bar, black fits. Can a bright floral blazer be worn two days in a row? No, no, no! Simple black blouse? Wear it 3 different ways and look smashing every day.


5. It’s lasting.

Black is timeless. Some well-spent dollars in a few quality black garments will go so much further than spending big on the fashion fads of the moment! Black tends to stay in fashion longer, and quality pieces retain their worth through the years. Plus (we’re all guilty), black clothes are less likely to keep their tags on and just look pretty in the wardrobe. That’s because black works hard, looks great and wears well!


What do you love most about wearing black?

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