Refuge Burnt Orange Lace Up Jean - Gelato Legs (Super Stretch) HIGH RISE

  • $69.00

Refuge Burnt Orange Gelato Legs is the latest colour to hit the streets! this time in a lace up limited edition version. Refuge Gelato Legs provide a quality fit and comes in a super soft material. They're stretchy high rise jeans and one of the most popular in the Gelato Legs family. Orange in colour, full length, these Gelato's are skinny leg jeans, which mould to each unique body shape.

For anyone who owns a pair of Gelato Legs, they know these threads have been made with absolute love (as it hugs all in the right places).

We promise, if you give them a go you will love them too.


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Pick up a pair today and proudly hang these in your wardrobe where they belong.