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[6-PACK] KAO Japan Foam Body Wash 540ml 5 Fragrance avilable Osmanthus Fragrance

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  • $135.66

Suitable for modern people with prone to dry skin. Cleanse easily with fresh cream lather without rubbing the skin with your hands. 3-layer mesh wide pump delivers 1.6x more fine air bubbles*. Ultra-fine bubbles remove dirt without rubbing the skin, leaviit fresh and healthy.
Suitable for delicate skin prone to dryness
Suitable for baby skin
Slightly acidic
Made of recycled plastic (PET) bottles
Refreshing herbal fresh scent


Use Method:
Wet your skin, take 1-4 pumps of foam into your hands, spread it over your skin, and gently wash it with your palms. Then wash it off.