The Zebra Effect

10x 200g Plant Oil Soap Almond and Milk Scent Pure Vegetable Base Bar Australian

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A soft, soothing and lightly exfoliating soap bar, with a delicate nut aroma that blends milk, almond and coconut with pure plant oil.

Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, they gently cleanse and exfoliate skin without drying, leaving you to enjoy the luxurious scents and lather of these bars.

Produced in Australia by dedicated artisan soap makers using the traditional French Triple Milling process. These bars will leave your skin soft and moisturised.


  • 200g/7oz
  • French-milled (triple-milled) bar that is long lasting,
  • Non-drying and has an extra creamy lather
  • Added bran for light exfoliation
  • Creamy Fragrance
  • Made in Australia

Package Includes:


10x 200g Almond and Milk Pure Plant Oil Soap Bar.