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  • How to Flat Lay like a Pro - Fashion Photography

    So your pre-ordered Lost in Lunar Tasmin Cold Shoulder Top from The Zebra Effect has finally arrived on your doorstep! Woohoo... It’s white it’s gorgeous, it goes so well with your Black Refuge Denim and those new suede ankle boots you picked up on Bridge Road, and it’s too hot not to share! Your... View Post
  • How to Find your Stripes - Confidence is Beautiful - by Gianna Lucas

    "Promenade With Me - A blog with multiple paths. Featuring a splash of inspo, a dash of passion and of course a whole lot of sparkle." "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” We can all thank American business woman and style icon, Rachel Zoe for this awesome quote and for go... View Post
  • The Fashion Dictionary

    The ultimate guide to understanding common words that describe our fashion world as it stands today. Leave your own fashion definition in the comments section below! Go on, we'd love to hear from you. A A-line Skirt - Shaped like a capital A. This skirt is fitted from the hips and widens as i... View Post