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skinny legs

  • And then it happens; a pair of jeans, change your life. There was no lengthy wait period, it was instantaneous. Melodramatic? Slightly. Every wardrobe requires certain items, staples. A pair of strong pumps, a white shirt, a little black dress and great jeans are crucial. A pair of ‘Crazy4Jeans’ ... View Post
  • Travelling jeans!

    Pack light. Two cruel words for anyone whose clothes and shoes are like their children.My mind’s voice is always spiteful with this instruction. Or be strategic and take half the amount of clothes and bring extra money ;) Travelling is important. It opens up your mind and body to new experie... View Post
  • Gelato Legs, meet Zebra. Zebra, meet Gelato Legs (hello!) If you’re yet to get your hands on these hot Gelato Leg babies from Refuge Denim, c’mon and focus those eyes right here. Refuge has been keeping Sydney’s boutique denim scene pulsing since the 90’s with festival soul and attitude pieces de... View Post