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refuge denim

  • We all marvelled at Ning Surasiang who won the hearts of TV viewers nationwide in the latest edition of ‘Married At First Sight Australia’ (Season 6). Ning’s vibrancy had us glued to the screen, as she showed us her many talents and what it takes to get “the feels”.Ning is fashion-savvy, a talent... View Post
  • Refuge Clothing

    Name an irresistible frozen dessert… Gelato? Name an irresistible fashion item… Gelato! Gelato is NOT normally associated with Italian fashion. Uttering “Gelato” in Italian, will most likely get you a much-loved dessert. Still winning! However, the word Gelato brings all kinds of goodness; and I ... View Post
  • How to DIY Ripped Jeans

    We love that jeans can even be partially destroyed and still look totally, effortlessly, incredibly, chic. What other wardrobe item only gets better with age and wear? Our love affair with denim continues! Ripped jeans are absolutely the denim du jour, and it’s a totally hot look which also fits ... View Post