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refuge clothing

  • Spring Back into Action!

    Ok… so Melburnians, shake of those icicles and prepare for warmer days, longer nights and a change in wardrobe essentials. Hello spring, and, um, hey winter body… I wasn’t kind to you, was I? Winter body, we ate and drank like Vikings unfortunately, I guess it was our way of coping with those bit... View Post
  • Refuge Clothing

    Name an irresistible frozen dessert… Gelato? Name an irresistible fashion item… Gelato! Gelato is NOT normally associated with Italian fashion. Uttering “Gelato” in Italian, will most likely get you a much-loved dessert. Still winning! However, the word Gelato brings all kinds of goodness; and I ... View Post
  • Travelling jeans!

    Pack light. Two cruel words for anyone whose clothes and shoes are like their children.My mind’s voice is always spiteful with this instruction. Or be strategic and take half the amount of clothes and bring extra money ;) Travelling is important. It opens up your mind and body to new experie... View Post