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  • The Slimming Effect of Black Clothing

    Getting that slimmed down look is as easy as changing your wardrobe. Forget Light ‘n Easy, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers – there’s an easier way to look and feel remarkably slimmer: just wear more black.By wearing black, you are tricking the human eye into believing you’re smaller than you may... View Post
  • LBD

    “I don’t own a little black dress.” Said no girl ever. Ahhhh yes, the LBD, fashion’s divine gift to women. That so chic, so seductive, so intriguing, so ‘feel-great-in-your-body’, ‘smooth-out-the-bumps’, ‘I-didn’t-think-about-this-at-all-but-still-look-like-a-fashion-God’, effortless, little blac... View Post