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  • 1. Bike Shorts – Struggle-Ville.   Is someone throwing a welcome (back) party for a camel toe? Enter… bike shorts. My issue with bike shorts is that they strike me as elongated Spanx (underwear)! My thoughts are that someone was mid-outfit in their Spanx, had thrown on their shirt/blazer and h... View Post
  • Selfie Exposed

    Selfie Exposed Anna Wintour stated, “I have never taken a selfie” in a recent Vogue interview. And if you listen closely…there it is, the sound of collective gasps worldwide. Since 1988, Editor-in-chief, Dame Anna Wintour has set many trends. However, the ruler of the fashion world has claimed t... View Post
  • The Game Changer Bomber Jacket

    'Channel your true inner style queen, with this navy Bomber Jacket now on sale at The Zebra Effect.' Boom, it’s here. The Bomber Jacket by Madison Square Clothing, has been labelled ‘The Game Changer’ in chic outerwear this season. Be inspired, with this killer Autumn to Winter wardrobe piece tha... View Post