And then it happens; a pair of jeans, change your life.

There was no lengthy wait period, it was instantaneous.

Melodramatic? Slightly.

Every wardrobe requires certain items, staples. A pair of strong pumps, a white shirt, a little black dress and great jeans are crucial. A pair of ‘Crazy4Jeans’ perhaps?

Angel Shaping Jeans - Crazy 4 Jeans

My black jeans are a definite favourite, no question they are used for multiple occasions. However, like all “favourite” items – wear and tear eventually wins… and when it is time to renew the item, the style has been discontinued or the range was seasonal and sold out.


And just like that my mind cues the sad violin music, as I systematically implode at the thought of sourcing a rebound or new replacement for my beloved jeans. Am I the only one who feels that somehow nothing really matches up to the original?

Shooting Star

Then like a shooting star, there are rare occasions where the ‘new’ supersedes the original. I guess it is like ice-cream. I liked vanilla ice-cream as a child and if I hadn’t tried chocolate ice-cream, I probably would have eaten vanilla my whole life. BUT I did try chocolate and there is no going back now…


So when The Zebra Effect team requested I review a pair of ‘crazy4jeans’ pair of jeans, I must admit the scepticism was deep. I trust these guys with some of my best wardrobe essentials, but when it sounds too good to be true, normally it is.


“Comfy, stylish, sexy….” These words are so common in marketing material, and realistically a HUGE let down. After a reassessment, I thought…. ‘What do I have to lose?’ So the next day, as I head out for dinner with the family, I slid the jean legs on.


I started to feel the squeeze. It was evidently there… and I sprung into Elastigirl-mode to ‘get the feel’ of the jean style. Even though I may have felt like Elastigirl taking giant steps all around my bedroom, my 7-year old son asked me why I was acting like Mr Bean.

Mr Bean

Now, I am not a gym addict and I am a mother of two, so anything that enhances my figure while adapts to my lifestyle is welcomed into my wardrobe.


After wearing these black jeans for a few days, I started to realise the comments started to flow. First my sister, then my sister-in-law, then my beautician, a lady in Woolworths and THEN my husband!


It has been two months and these are my findings:

  • Three buttons on jeans are amazing and act as a corset-like control, just not as uncomfortable.
  • High waist is the equivalent of spanx when structured properly.
  • The jeans give (and take on your body shape) after a few wears, which makes them even better to wear!
  • You feel secure in the cut and it does make you feel sexier!
  • They wash really well. So my washing tip is use wool mix. I have learned that over the years, it is less likely to fade black. Or spot clean when you can.
  • My butt feels perky.
  • I am wearing these jeans rolled up at the ankles with my trainers AND with boots out for dinner.
  • They get more comfortable as you wear them and do not lose their benefits.

My next move:

  • To buy different colours in the booty booster and the slimming jeans range.

Some things deserve a leap of faith. Especially when it is not life-threatening and ends in well-fitted jeans! I can’t emphasise how surprised I am with this style and how I want to thank the Wardrobe-Gods for shining on me (with the assistance of their guardian angels at TZE… for continuing to add value, comfort and genuine satisfaction to my wardrobe!

Dare I admit that I am CRAZY 4 these jeans? Too much?

Trust me, wear them and you might just find yourself getting crazy over them too….

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